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Exclusively Inverness Magazine - 0221

 Virtual Staging, An Affordable Alternative by Chris Jacobs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to real estate it can be worth serious money. In general buyers lack imagination. They have difficulty envisioning what a home could be. You see it all the time on television home makeover shows when a designer comes in and remakes a home. The owner is stunned at the transformation and never imagined their home could look like that. It is the same in the real world. Everything a buyer sees online or when walking through a home influences them, even if they don't know it. Fewer of today's buyers are walking through homes for sale looking for potential. They are looking for a home to enjoy now. If rooms are empty, they lack the experience to furnish them in their minds. If rooms are cluttered, they lack the ability to see past it. Even dated paint colors on the wall can throw off buyers.

Some painting and careful furniture selections can be the difference between buyers being interested in the property or buyers clicking on to the next listing online. For decades we have been helping homeowners stage their homes. But staging can be costly and for several years we have also been doing virtual staging. Virtual staging is done on the computer and can give buyers a view of a home's potential. It is a much cheaper alternative to paying a staging company to move in real furniture and decorations and then renting those items.

We provide virtual staging free as part of our client services. It helps us sell homes faster and for more money. The pictures to the right are from homes we've sold. Sometimes a room is empty and just needs to be dressed up. Other times the owner's furniture needs to be removed so we can dress the room for today's buyers.

This is just one of the many techniques we utilize to help our clients obtain maximum value for their property. If this is something that you feel could benefit you when you sell, lets have a conversation.

Chris Jacobs
Broker Associate

Chris Jacobs & Associates
Century 21 Affiliated
Direct: 847-401-4859


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