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Exclusively Inverness Magazine - 0124

 We'll Buy Your House by Chris Jacob

Lately, we all have heard or seen advertisements stating that some company will buy your house without any hassles or closing costs. But what does that really mean for you, the consumer?

These various companies will assess the value of your property and make you a cash offer with favorable terms. There is the ease of avoiding the public market, buyer viewings, potential repair requests, negotiated contingencies, and deadlines. So why wouldn't everyone just go this route? The answer is of course, money!

So now the question you are left asking yourself is What is this convenience worth to me? I have heard the offers made to clients, and have read various pieces on the subject over the years. These companies pay in the range of 50%-75% of the fair market value for the property. This margin between sales price and fair market value allows them to cover closing costs and do any repairs or updates they feel are necessary to sell or rent at a profit. So, do you want to pursue other options that put more money in your pocket, but may require a bit more time and attention on your part? I think it's worth a conversation.

Consulting an experienced Realtor like myself, who is well versed in the community, is the best place to start. There are options between Fire Sale and Renovating to sell. I can layout the various options for you to consider. Is time more important than money? Is maximizing value the priority? Is it somewhere in between?

In today's market, these companies are targeting homes that have not been updated or have even been neglected. That is where they can make the most money. If your house is beautifully updated, it's an easy decision. Enlist the services of an experienced Realtor like myself to achieve maximum value. I take pride in making the process as easy on my clients as possible, guiding them through the process and being there to assist with any road bumps. It's all just part of being a professional with over 25 years of experience.

But what if the property you need to sell is not updated, lacks the improvements you see on HGTV, or may even need repairs beyond just cosmetics? Well, I will be your friend in this scenario as well. Let's do an honest assessment of what you really have. Maybe it's a property you have enjoyed for many years, but you understand it does not have the current design trends buyers seek today. It may be a parent's or relative's home that you are responsible for making decisions on during a tough time. I personally had a client who was offered 55% of what we ultimately sold their home for, which equated to $185,000 additional dollars. I also provided them the convenience of being hands off during the process. Several clients I have worked for have never even returned to the property after hiring me. I was able to handle all the needs and details of the sale and kept it easy for them.

The sale of a house is a big deal with a lot of money at stake, so don't sell your property short. Look at the various options and seek the council of a knowledgeable Realtor. Tell them what is important to you. Like myself, they may provide information and solutions of which you haven't even thought.

Chris Jacobs
Broker Associate

Chris Jacobs & Associates
Century 21 Circle
Direct: 847-401-4859


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